Post-Acute care leaders are increasingly facing more and more challenges that make it difficult to operate efficiently. The implementation of Lean management principles will improve quality and operational effectiveness for growth, clinical excellence, and profitability through proven results-driven solutions.

With a focus on Lean Six Sigma methodologies, coupled by our signature patient-centered approach through the remote "Operations Performance Analysis", we believe all aspects should be aligned in order reach your full potential as an organization - including people!

How can we help you?

PAC Leadership Solutions helps Post-Acute Care Leaders with operational effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence through proven results-driven solutions with Lean management consulting, and Resource & Curriculum Development.

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Enhance quality of patient care
  • Boost revenue and profit
  • Strengthen teamwork and culture

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What others have to say:

"Tonia is absolutely amazing at what she does! Her vast knowledge of hospice and the regulations blows my mind. She is so easy to work with and a great teacher. I never felt bad about not doing something the right way because Tonia never made me feel silly or dumb. She always educated me and assured me in correcting it and moving forward! She is the best at what she does and I am so thankful to have access to her and her brain!! If you need guidance, assistance or help with anything hospice, Tonia is the perfect choice!!"
Misty Venett

Co-Owner, Administrator of Elite Hospice at ELITE HOME CARE SOLUTIONS, LLC

"One of the most knowledgable professionals I have ever worked with! Not only conceptually gifted and compliant, but realistic and practical - her insight is invaluable!"

Executive Sales Leader

"Tonia was instrumental in my success in hospice leadership and learning and growing in my understanding of compliance. She has a simple, straightforward approach that is easy to accept and apply. Her knowledge continually amazes me. She’s always willing to help and listen. I am truly grateful for her dedication and patience. She has supported and put into me personally and professionally now for almost ten years. I highly recommend working with her as an individual and for an organization."

Senior Care Compliance and Operations

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When you choose PAC Leadership Solutions, you'll receive the benefit of multiple years of specialized experience and knowledge that is specific to your needs. Find out more on the About page.

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